Sisa is the Indonesian word for ‘remains’ or ‘leftovers.’ Located somewhere between folk art, design, and public intervention, much of this work generates new forms of expression from the rejection of hyper-consumption and over-development.

This exhibition focuses on the issues associated with artistic output in the collaborative settings of Indonesian environmental activism. Many of the artworks here were not designed for display in galleries, and have been brought together specifically for an Australian audience. They are hybrid images and objects that include research, documentation and ongoing projects, bringing understandings of contemporary Indonesian politics beyond what is presented in mainstream media.

Participating artists and collectives:

  • Indra Yanti (Yogyakarta)
  • Belanak Art Community (Padang)
  • Duto Hardono (Bandung)
  • anakseribupulau (Randublatung)
  • Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (Salatiga)
  • Taring Padi (Yogyakarta)

30 November 2007 from 3.30pm
Artist talks and film screening
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About Komunitas Seni Belanak

Komunitas Seni Belanak

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