EngageMedia conducted a workshop in Padang, Sumatra, with local arts community organisation, Komunitas Seni Belanak, to local artists and students, interested in independent online video.

These workshops form part of a series being undertaken by EngageMedia during August/September 2008. Anna Helme led these workshops, presenting the material in English, with Bahasa Indonesia translations done by Mirwan Andan from Ruangrupa.

The first session was conducted at a local ‘warnet’ – an internet cafe – on 28th August 2008, in conjunction with Belanak community. The session started with the background to the EngageMedia project, the reasons for choosing free and open source software, an explanation of video compression for online distribution, and a comparison between EngageMedia and corporate video sites like youtube.

The practical session went for two hours, covering the open source Media Coder software, designed for compressing video into formats suitable for online distribution. Following on from this, participants created accounts on EngageMedia.org and were shown through the process of uploading videos onto the Engagemedia website.

The second session, later in the afternoon, was done at the Belanak community’s house. This session was a talk covering the latest technologies for distributing video online, such as syndication feeds, using Miro as a tool for downloading and screening, the Transmission.cc network, community TV, online/offline distribution models and how these technologies can adapt into the Indonesian context.

Source: http://www.engagemedia.org/


About Komunitas Seni Belanak

Komunitas Seni Belanak

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  1. Sasha berkata:

    Hey wow!
    congratulations semua! looks like great collaboration… wah, anak-anak Belanak sudah sangat memajukan sejak ‘blog workshop’ tahun 2006. online video… what next? muah muah! xsasha

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